Manitoba Corn Development Program (Completed 2018)

Grain Innovation Hub: Manitoba Corn Development Program
MCGA funding of up to $372,900 + $1,165,000 by GF2 over 5 years

Under this program work in Ottawa by Dr. Lana Reid’s GF2 corn breeding project was validated and complimented by a lot of work done in Manitoba.  Projects include:

1) Corn Breeding Project – for screening of AAFC developed inbreds and test hybrid crosses at several locations in Manitoba, establishment of a Goss’s Wilt screening nursery where hybrids can be challenged with the disease and tested for resistance and where screening methods can be standardized.

2) Corn End Uses Project – Dr. Derek Brewin, (Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics, University of Manitoba) and Masters student Sabrina Reza studied the implications of changing demand for corn in Manitoba see the article “Forecasting Corn Demand in Manitoba” September 2017 MCGA newsletter for more information.

3) Identification and characterization of the bacterial populations causing Goss’s wilt on Corn in Manitoba.  Dr. Fouad Daayf, (Department of Plant Sciences, University of Manitoba) students and research associates studied the genetics of the Manitoba populations of Goss’s bacterial wilt. They have identified the strain(s) and compared these with other known strains.  Strains were also used to challenge several AAFC inbreds and early hybrid lines to determine the genetics behind corn resistance to the disease. View poster presentation distribution and diversity of the Goss’s Wilt pathogen population here.

4) Corn Physiology for flooding survival –  Dr.Claudio Stasola, (Department of Plant Sciences, University of Manitoba) and students studied the way that plant phytoglobin  expression in corn affects a hybrids ability to withstand flooding and they have identified the mode of action in corn roots.  

Read the full report here.