Projects being co-funded by MCGA:

Corn Agronomy Project (presentation available here, February 2015)

co-funded with Western Grains Research Foundation and Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

Researchers: Yvonne Lawley (U of M), Don Flaten (U of M), Paul Bullock (U of M), Mario Tenuta (U of M), Derek Brewin (U of M) and Lana Reid (AAFC)

Overall Goal: To develop agronomic best management practices and improve agrometeorological tools for successful corn production in Manitoba.


1.) Crop Rotation (Yvonne Lawley, Mario Tenuta, Don Flaten and Derek Brewin)

  • Identify the best crops to grow prior to corn.
  • Fertilization strategies for corn after canola.
  • Establish an economic model of rotation optimization with corn.

2.) Residue Management (Yvonne Lawley and Don Flaten)

  • Identify optimum residue management strategies for corn.
  • Fertilization strategies for alternative tillage systems for corn production.

3.) Corn Row Spacing (Yvonne Lawley and Lana Reid)

  • Identify optimum row spacing for rapid kernel dry down.

4.) Evaluation of the Corn Heat Unit Model in Western Canada (Paul Bullock, Yvonne Lawley and Lana Reid)

View an update on the project here. Dr. Don Flaten presented on the primary purposes of this project at CropConnect Conference 2015.

YEAR 1 REPORT 1: Corn Agronomy Project 2014/15

YEAR 1 REPORT 2: Corn Agronomy Project 2014/15- 2


Manitoba Corn Initiative Corn Development Project

co-funded with Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

Researchers: Lana Reid (AAFC), Derek Brewin (U of M), Fouad Daayf (U of M), and Claudo Stasolla (U of M)

Overall Goal: To advance current knowledge of corn development specifically in Western Canada and identify trends in corn end uses relevant to Manitoba producers.


1.) Corn Breeding Project (Lana Reid)

  • Develop a satellite breeding nursery in Manitoba.
  • Increase the number of yield trials for AAFC test-cross hybrids in Manitoba.
  • Establish a Goss’s Wilt nursery in Manitoba.
  • Increase current capacity to manage corn research projects in Manitoba.

YEAR 1 REPORT: Corn Breeding Project 2014/15

2.) Corn End Uses Project (Derek Brewin)

  • Establish current potential end uses of corn in North America.
  • Review current breeding targets.
  • Synthesis end uses, breeding targets and supply and demand trends.

YEAR 1 REPORT: Corn End Uses Project 2014/15

3.) Corn Diseases Project (Fouad Daayf)
also received financial support from Monsanto Canada Inc.

  • Collect bacterial strains causing Goss’s Wilt in corn in Manitoba.
  • Pathogenic characterization of bacterial strains.
  • Biochemical and molecular characterization of the pathogen.

YEAR 1 REPORT: Corn Disease Project 2014/15

4.) Corn Physiology for Flooding Survival (Claudio Stasolla)

  • Evaluate the effect of plant hemoglobin on flooding tolerance in corn.
  • Develop a rapid screening method for plant hemoglobin to be used in corn variety development.

YEAR 1 REPORT: Corn Physiology for Flooding Survival 2014/15


Improved Corn Genetics for the Canadian Corn Industry

via the Canadian Field Crop Research Alliance (CFCRA)

Researchers: Lana Reid, Bao-Luo Ma, Malcolm Morrison, Linda Harris (AAFC) and Yvonne Lawley (U of M)


1.) Development of corn inbreds with early maturity and enhancing breeding/selection procedures.

2.) Development of corn inbreds with improved disease resistance.

3.) Development of corn inbreds with rapid kernel drydown.

4.) Development of corn for improved agronomic traits and new markets including drought tolerant corn and efficient nutrient use corn.


Monitoring an invasive bacterial pathogen (Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. nebraskensis CMN) of corn using next generation- sequencing

Researcher: James Tambong (AAFC)

Overall Goal: The long-term goal is to increase our capacity to monitor and forecast the spread of CMN in Canada and to develop strategic IPM recommendations that include an early warning detection system. Specific objectives are to:


1.) Collect and preserve Canadian strains of CMN.

2.) Investigate population structure and diversity of CMN strains isolated between 1969 and 2009.

3.) Develop a molecular assay for specific detection of CMN.


Evaluation of the Feasibility of Tile-Drainage/Sub-Irrigation System for Sustainable Production of Potato and Corn

Researcher: Sri Ranjan (U of M)


1.) Evaluate the performance of three water management systems (conventional tile drains with sprinkler irrigation, sub-irrigation/tile-drains, and tile drains along) in two crops (potato and corn) over a three year rotation. Three blocks will form three replicates (three treatments x three replicates x two crops).

2.) Monitor the soil moisture and salt fluxes, under each of the above scenarios, weekly throughout the growing season with more frequent measurements during the critical stages.

3.) Measure the crop yield and quality associated with each of the moisture management scenarios stated in Objective 1.

4.) Develop design and operation guidelines for water management and salinity control.

5.) Identify adverse conditions leading to potato quality degradation (sugar ends).