*NEW* Changes to 2019 Program Year – Update May 10, 2019

AAFC has developed a “Frequently Asked Questions” webpage to provide additional information on the increased limits as announced on May 1, 2019. It can be viewed here.

The Manitoba Corn Growers Association, as an administrator of the Advance Payments Program (APP), is committed to providing additional information on the changes made to the APP as announced on May 1st. Please read more here.

APP Administrators across Canada, including the MCGA, are awaiting further direction from AAFC before we can advance loans at the new limits. We will strive to provide information as quickly as it becomes available. Please call our office if you have any questions.

Farmers can still apply for an advance at the previous loan limits where each producer is entitled to $100,000 interest-free and an additional $300,000 at a reduced interest rate. Application forms are available below.

2019 APP Program Year – Forms

Producers must provide photo identification when applying for a cash advance loan under the 2019/20 Advance Payments Program.

Please contact Tammy Cote or Rae Jackson at 204.745.6661 if you have any questions about the Advance Payments Program.


  1. Crop producers will need to download items (a), (b),(c) and either
    (d.1 (MASC) or d.2 (Agristability)) if you have not seeded yet, or
    (e.1 (MASC) or e.2 (Agristability)) if you have planted, or
    (f) if you have harvested.
  2. All ALBERTA PRODUCERS will need to download and complete (g).
  3. All Corporations that have a Family Trust as a Shareholder (h).

Forms are now available in an electronic version and are fillable online, but must be printed to fill in the signature. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for this update, which is available for download here.  For producers that prefer to fill out by hand, print forms as usual.

Download forms below (pdf format)

(a) 2019 Cover Sheet Pre-Production
(b) 2019  Producer Application
(c) 2019 Priority Agreement
(d1) 2019 Pre-Production Worksheet
(d2) 2019 Pre-Production Worksheet for Agristability
(e1) 2019 Final Pre-Production Worksheet
(e2) 2019 Final Pre-Production Worksheet for Agristability
(f) 2019 Post-Production Worksheet
(g)  Guarantee Acknowledgement Certificate – Must be completed by all ALBERTA Residents
(h) Alternate Guarantor


  1. Honey producers will now download regular applications listed above.
  2. Honey producers must provide a copy of their insurance indicating Manitoba Corn Growers Association as the first loss payable.
  3. Please note: the amount of insurance coverage required must be equal to the amount of the Cash Advance that you are applying for.

The MCGA Agricultural Products include grain corn, Kentucky bluegrass seed, alfalfa seed, annual and perennial ryegrass, baled hay (for domestic sales only) and sunflowers on behalf of the National Sunflower Association of Canada (NSAC) in Western Canada; all pulse crops in Manitoba on behalf of the Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers (MPSG) and honey in Manitoba on behalf of the Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association (MBA).

New crops for Manitoba include durum, canola, flax, buckwheat, canary seed, mustard, hemp seed, wheat, mustard Ethiopian, camelina, millet, barley, oats, triticale, and rye.

The Advance Rates for the 2019-2020 production period are:

Alfalfa Seed $0.77/lb
Barley $1.80/bu
Buckwheat $6.34/bu
Camelina $0.11/lb
Canary Seed $4.84/bu
Canola $5.17/bu
Corn (Grain Only) $2.27/bu
Cranberry $0.21/lb
Desi Chick Peas $0.08/lb
Durum $3.04/bu
Faba Beans $0.04/lb
Flax $5.72/bu
Great Northern $0.17/lb
Hay (domestic sales) $63.05/T
Hay (AB) $63.05/T
Hemp Seed $0.27/lb
Honey $0.84/lb
Kabuli Chick Peas $0.09/lb
Kentucky Blue Grass $0.38/lb
Kidney $0.21/lb
Lentils $0.08/lb
Millet $0.05/lb
Mustard $6.29/bu
Mustard Ethiopian $4.58/bu
Oats $1.20/bu
Other Coloured $0.16/lb
Peas (MB Only) $3.16/bu
Pintos $0.16/lb
Rye $2.22/bu
Rye (Fall) $2.34/bu
Ryegrass (Annual) $0.19/lb
Ryegrass (Perennial) $0.29/lb
Soybean $4.94/bu
Sunflower Confects $0.15/lb
Sunflower Oils $0.11/lb
Triticale $1.83/bu
Wheat $3.04/bu
Wheat (Winter) $2.77/bu
White Pea (Navy) $0.16/lb