2019 Corn Field Tour – A Highlight on Research


A Highlight on Research funded by the MCGA.

The Corn Field Tour will make 3 field stops, covering several topics of interest.

12:00 PM: LUNCH – MCGA Bldg. 38-4th Avenue NE, Carman

1:00 PM: HAYWOOD – intersection of Highway 2 and Road 46 North. Turn West on Rd 46N, first field approach on North side of Rd 46N. Google Maps location link

4R Nitrogen on Corn – Dr. Mario Tenuta

Drone use, Green Seeker, Crop Circle sensors — Matt Gervais

2:30 PM: North of CARMAN – Krahn Agri Farms Ltd.

First Stop: 3 miles North of lights in Carman (Rd 37N, Albert School Rd), 3/4 mile West, North side. Google Maps location link.

Nitrogen Rate on Corn – Lanny Gardner

Row Spacing & Plant Populations – Dr. Yvonne Lawley

Second Stop: 2 miles North of lights in Carman (Rd 36N), 4.5 miles West, North Side.

MCGA On-Farm Test Nitrogen Timing

Farmer equipment on display

4:30 PM: North of ROLAND – 3 miles South of Carman (Rd 31N, Central School Rd.), 1/4 mile East, North side. Google Maps location link.

Strip Tillage in Corn

Fertilizer Placement in Strip Till Corn – Magda Rogalsky

Soil Warrior – Mike Eaton

Farmer equipment on display, 1 mile South

Register at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/mcga-corn-field-tour-2019-tickets-65817837925.