2018 Corn Field Production Report

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September 28th Issue: Harvest Update

  • Harvest Progress
  • Yield estimating
  • Drydown and potential yield loss
  • Canadian Grain Commission sample request
  • Annual corn yield competition


September 14th Issue: Corn Harvest 2018

  • Alternate market options for 2018
  • Harvesting uneven maturities with minimal losses
  • Annual corn yield competition



August 31st Issue: Silage Drought-Stressed Corn

  • Silage tips during drought
  • Milkline related to whole-plant moisture




August 17th Issue: Water Use and Drought Stress 

  • Water use and drought stress in late-season corn
  • Blackbird damage
  • Four-spotted sap beetle



August 2nd Issue: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Brace roots
  • When to expect the greatest yield penalty from Goss’s wilt
  • Are we ahead of “normal”?



July 20th Issue: Ear shake test & pollination

  • Determining pollination progresss
  • European corn borer presence
  • CROPS-A-PALOOZA next week!



July 6th Issue: Green snap – an annual occurrence, 2018

  • Green snap – why every year?
  • Pollen shed and days to maturity
  • Brace roots true purpose



June 22nd Issue: Post-hail scouting tips, 2018

  • Assessing hail damage in corn
  • In-crop Nitrogen applications
  • Too late for herbicide applications



June 8th Issue: Weed Control, Crop Staging and Rapid Growth Syndrome, 2018

  • Weed Control & Crop Staging
  • Rapid Growth Syndrome




May 28th Issue: Post-Planting Conditions, 2018



May 8th Issue: Corn Planting Tips, 2018

  • MCGA seeking grain corn fields for the 2018 corn surveillance survey
  • Update on corn planting progress in Manitoba
  • Dry soil conditions & impact on seeding depth, germination & fertilizer toxicity