The MCGA is in the process of updating the Corn Production in Manitoba manual, incorporating the newest research funded by the MCGA conducted over the past five years in Manitoba.

Anticipated release date is late Summer 2019. 

Corn Production in Manitoba Manual

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This 92-page booklet tells you everything you need to know about corn production in Manitoba. This booklet is an excellent source of information for both veteran corn growers and producers who are looking to diversify.

The latest version of the Production Manual is currently unavailable in print, however you can view or print here, by section.



Table of Contents


How a Corn Plant Grows

Choosing a Corn Hybrid

Soil, Nutrition and Fertility

Seedbed Preparation

Weed Control

Diseases and Disorders of Corn

Root Rots

Stalk Rots

Above-Ground Diseases

Ear and Kernel Rots

Insects in Corn


Harvesting and Storage of Grain Corn

Corn Stover and Silage

Marketing Grain Corn

New Uses for Corn

Cost of Crop Production