The Manitoba Corn Committee (MCC) is a group of individuals from the Manitoba Corn Growers Association (MCGA), Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) and Manitoba Agriculture who are interested with the production of grain corn in Manitoba. The committee has the authority within the Province of Manitoba to conduct trials of corn hybrids with the goal to provide information to Manitoba producers about the performance of corn hybrids across corn growing regions of Manitoba. The MCC publishes the data annually in the “Manitoba Corn Hybrid Performance Trials” brochure.

2018 Manitoba Corn Committee Update

Submitted by Daryl Rex, Research Agronomist NSAC

For 2018, over 15 companies have sponsored entries into the MCC grain and silage trials at 8 locations in Manitoba.  There are 7 locations for grain corn with over 75 hybrids being tested.  There is a lot of interest in the mid season zone, with over 60 hybrids being tested. In the short season zones, the trials reached their limits at 30 entries. The test locations are: long   season – Carman & Morden; mid season – MacGregor & St. Pierre; short season – LaSalle, Warren & Melita.  For the silage corn there are the 3 core sites:  Elm Creek, St. Pierre and Arborg.  In the long  season zone, there is over 60 hybrids entered; and over 25 hybrids at the Arborg location.

Below is a listing of the trials/locations with their planting date:

  • May 4 – LaSalle (grain corn)
  • May 9 – MacGregor (grain corn)
  • May 10 – Morden (grain corn); Elm Creek (silage corn)
  • May 11 – St. Pierre (grain & silage corn)
  • May 15 – Carman (grain corn)
  • May 16 – Melita (grain corn)
  • May 22 – Warren (grain corn)
  • May 29 – Arborg (silage corn)

For more information on the Manitoba Corn Committee trials, contact Daryl Rex at (204) 750-2561.

2017 Manitoba Corn Committee Results



Download Brochure (PDF) – 2017 Manitoba Corn Hybrid Performance Trials

For more information on the Manitoba Corn Committee trials, contact Daryl Rex at (204) 750-2561.



2016 Manitoba Corn Committee Results

Download Report (PDF format)   2016 All Trials

OR Individual Trials: 2016 MacGregor (grain) or 2016 Melita (grain) or 2016 Morden (grain) or 2016 St. Pierre (grain) or 2016 Warren (grain) or 2016 Arborg (silage) or 2016 St. Pierre (silage)

Previous Years – Manitoba Corn Committee Results

*Please note a correction needing to be made in the silage data sheets:  All hybrids are evaluated at a plant population of 32,000 plants per acre, rather than 28,000 plants per acre. The MCC changed this in 2015 and failed to update it in the final silage data sheets.