The Manitoba Corn Growers Association is looking for participants for the 2018 Corn Yield Competition. 

Want to be a part of MCGA history? Want to have your name listed with the numerous other Corn Yield Competition winners, a competition dating back to 1971?

Click HERE for competition rules and entry form.


The 2017 MCGA Corn Yield Competition results were announced at the 2018 CropConnect Conference.

1st place: 306.4 bushels/acre, Baker Colony, MacGregor – Mac Waldner pictured with John McCulloch of DuPont Pioneer and Myron Krahn and Leonard Wiebe, MCGA board.

2nd place: 257.9 bushels/acre, John & Dane Bergen, Roland. John and Dane pictured with Myron Krahn, MCGA President

3rd place: 236.2 bu/acre, McCutcheon Farms Ltd., Carman. Warren McCutcheon pictured with Myron Krahn, MCGA President

Full 2017 results available here.

Past Corn Yield Competition Winners